Matt & Jan Gordon

Matt is our oldest pastor, but he hides it well. Qualified to have their own reality show because of their super large family, Matt & Jan have 11 children, ages 38 down to 16. They have a really large dining room table and are always looking for people to invite over for dinner. But don’t wait for an invite, give them a call!

Justin & Heather Dicus

Justin & Heather are on staff with GCL and have seven adorable kids. Life with the Dicuses is like a Hawaiian vacation, complete with floral attire, rowdy natives, and frequent parties. They’d love for you to become a regular luau attendee, so go meet them today. And don’t worry, if you don’t have your own Hawaiian shirt, Big Kahuna Justin has hundreds – one is bound to be your style!

Olivia Stack

Larry & Corey Messer

Larry loves the Gators almost as much as he loves his wife and four kiddos. Like Jesus, Larry worked in construction before beginning his work as a minister. He still does construction and enjoys getting to serve people from/with broken homes. If you're interested in the finer points of DIY, or want to enjoy and steak and one of Corey's famous milkshakes, the Messer family would love for you to visit them. Just please leave by 9 - Larry is old and needs his rest!

Bryan & Marissa Behl

Bryan is a paradox. A campus missionary and a school teacher, a reader of Latin and comic books, having an affinity for Tai Chi and Dub Step, you really have to get to know him to understand him, which is great since the Behls love getting to know people. Bryan & Marissa have five little boys and they would love to meet you!

Andy Huang

Andy loves classical music, Korean dramas, and Marvel Studios, as well as “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Incredibles.” He studied theoretical linguistics at UF, and he especially loves morphophonology. Andy is looking forward to further the Kingdom by sharing the Gospel and discipling saints, as well as supporting the church through music and administration!